About Us
StateScape serves organizations seeking a competitive edge in government relations by providing the fastest and most accurate legislative and regulatory information and analysis service on the market.

Our History and Approach

Since it was founded in 1991, StateScape has worked to reduce the gap between the time legislative and regulatory actions occur and the time they are reported to clients. To do this without compromising accuracy, we have combined rapid technical innovation with an experienced and dedicated staff.

In 1996, StateScape became the first government relations information and analysis firm to enable clients to track bills and regulations from across the country through a single, easy-to-use web-based system that was updated in real time. It also became the first firm to enable clients to add their own notes to the legislation being tracked. In 2000, StateScape again led the industry by introducing a customizable e-mail alerts service that makes it possible for clients to receive updates on their priority bills and regulations twice a day without requiring them to login to the web site. More recently, in 2004, StateScape added BillFinder, a global search engine that allows clients, free of additional charges, to look up any bill introduced in any state at any time, regardless of whether it is included in an issue category covered under a client's StateScape contract.

These innovations are just a few of the ways StateScape has employed technology to deliver information to our clients more quickly. But at StateScape we know that technical innovation alone is not sufficient. No machine can distinguish relevant bills and regulations from superfluous ones with a high level of accuracy. No computer can analyze a bill's potential impact, predict its chances of passage, or bring your message to state legislators. This can only be accomplished by dedicated, experienced analysts and advocates who listen and respond to each client's specific needs.

It is StateScape's ability to combine powerful technology with the human touch that produces speed with accuracy and distinguishes us from the rest. We invite you to contact us today about tailoring a government relations information and analysis package that meets your service and budgetary requirements.