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State Session Convenes Adjourns Carry-Over
Alaska2013-20141/15/20134/25/2014To even year
 (28th Legislature)
 (51st Legislature, First Regular Session)
 2013 Spec Session 16/11/20136/13/2013 
 (51st Legislature, First Special Session)
 2013 Spec Session 110/17/201310/19/2013 
 (First Extraordinary Session 2013)
California2013-201412/3/201211/30/2014To even year
 Recess - 8/31/2014 to 11/30/2014
 2013 Spec Session 11/28/20137/1/2013 
 (69th General Assembly, First Regular Session)
 (2013 Regular Session)
Delaware2013-20141/8/20136/30/2014To even year
 (147th General Assembly)
District of Columbia2013-20141/2/201312/31/2014To even year
Georgia2013-20141/14/20133/20/2014To even year
Guam2013-20141/14/201312/31/2014 (Est.)Yes
Hawaii2013-20141/16/20135/1/2014To even year
 (27th Legislature)
 2013 Spec Session 210/28/201311/12/2013 
 (62nd Legislature, First Regular Session)
Illinois2013-20141/9/20131/7/2015 (Est.)To even year
 Recess - 5/31/2014 to 11/18/2014
 (98th General Assembly)
 2013 Spec Session 16/19/20136/19/2013 
Illinois2013 Spec Session 212/3/201312/3/2013 
 (118th General Assembly, 1st Regular Session)
Iowa2013-20141/14/20135/2/2014To even year
 (85th General Assembly)
Kansas2013-20141/14/20135/30/2014To even year
 (2013-2014 Legislature)
 2013 Spec Session 19/3/20139/4/2013 
 2013 Spec Session 18/19/20138/23/2013 
 (2013 Regular Session)
Maine2013-201412/5/20125/2/2014To even year limited
 (126th Legislature)
 2013 Spec Session 18/29/20138/29/2013 
 (430th Session of the General Assembly)
Massachusetts2013-20141/2/20131/7/2015To even year
 Recess - 8/1/2014 to 1/6/2015 (Est.)
 (188th General Court)
Michigan2013-20141/9/201312/30/2014 (Est.)To even year
Minnesota2013-20141/8/20135/16/2014To even year
 (88th Legislature)
 2013 Spec Session 19/9/20139/9/2013 
 2013 Spec Session 14/26/20134/26/2013 
Mississippi2013 Spec Session 26/27/20136/28/2013 
 (97th General Assembly, 1st Regular Session)
 2013 Spec Session 112/2/201312/6/2013 
Montana20131/7/20134/24/2013No even year session
 (63rd Legislature)
Nebraska2013-20141/9/20134/17/2014To even year
 (103rd Legislature)
Nevada20132/4/20136/3/2013No even year session
 (77th Legislative Session)
 2013 Spec Session 16/4/20136/4/2013 
New Hampshire20131/2/20136/26/2013To even year limited
 (163rd General Court, First Year)
 2013 Spec Session 111/7/201311/21/2013 
New Jersey2012-20131/10/20121/14/2014To odd year
 (215th Legislature)
New Mexico20131/15/20133/16/2013No
New York2013-20141/9/20131/7/2015To even year
 Recess - 6/22/2014 to 1/6/2015 (Est.)
North Carolina2013-20141/9/20138/20/2014To even year
 Recess - 9/4/2013 to 5/13/2014
North Dakota20131/8/20135/3/2013No even year session
Ohio2013-20141/7/201312/23/2014 (Est.)To even year
 (130th General Assembly)
Oklahoma2013-20142/4/20135/23/2014To even year
 (54th Legislature)
 2013 Spec Session 19/3/20139/9/2013 
 (2013 Regular Session)
 2013 Spec Session 19/30/201310/2/2013 
Pennsylvania2013-20141/1/201311/30/2014To even year
 Recess - 11/13/2014 to 11/30/2014
Puerto Rico2013-20161/14/201312/31/2016 (Est.)To the even year
 (17th Legislative Assembly)
Rhode Island20131/1/20137/3/2013Limited
 (2013 Legislative Session)
South Carolina2013-20141/8/20136/5/2014To even year
 (120th General Assembly)
South Dakota20131/8/20133/25/2013No
 (88th Legislative Session)
Tennessee2013-20141/8/20134/17/2014To even year
 (108th General Assembly)
Texas20131/8/20135/27/2013No even year session
 (83rd Legislature)
 2013 Spec Session 15/27/20136/25/2013 
Texas2013 Spec Session 27/1/20137/30/2013 
 2013 Spec Session 37/30/20138/5/2013 
United States2013-20141/1/201310/30/2014 (Est.)To even year
 (113th Congress)
US Virgin Islands2013-20141/14/201312/31/2014 (Est.)To Even Year
 (30th Legislature)
 (60th State Legislature, First Session)
 2013 Spec Session 17/17/20137/17/2013 
Utah2013 Spec Session 210/16/201310/16/2013 
Vermont2013-20141/9/20135/10/2014To even year
Virginia20131/9/20134/3/2013To odd year limited
Washington2013-20141/14/20133/13/2014To even year
 (63rd Legislature)
 2013 Spec Session 15/13/20136/11/2013 
Washington2013 Spec Session 26/12/20136/29/2013 
 2013 Spec Session 311/7/201311/9/2013 
West Virginia20131/9/20134/17/2013To even year limited
 (81st Legislature, First Session & Extended Budget Session)
 2013 Spec Session 14/17/20134/17/2013 
Wisconsin2013-20141/7/20135/20/2014To even year
 2013 Spec Session 110/15/201311/12/2013 
 (October 2013)
Wisconsin2013 Spec Session 212/2/201312/19/2013 
 (December 2013)
 (2013 Regular Session)
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