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Last Updated: 10/20/2014

Governors:  This year, governorships were decided in New Jersey and Virginia. Virginia Democrat Terry McAuliffe won the election to succeed Robert McDonnell (R) who was term-limited, whereas New Jersey incumbent Chris Christie (R) won re-election.

Legislatures:  Legislative elections were also held New Jersey (Assembly and Senate) and Virginia (House of Delegates only) this year.  In New Jersey, the Democratic Party retained control of both legislative chambers, though Republicans had a net gain of two House seats.  In the Virginia House, the Republicans retained control, though they gained two seats while the Democrats gained one seat.  Please refer to the chart to see the pre- and post-election partisan chamber splits.

IncumbentCandidatesElection WinnerPre-ElectionElection ResultsPre-ElectionElection Results
AKSean Parnell (R)Sean Parnell (R)
Bill Walker (I)
 15D/25R 7D/13R 
ALRobert Bentley (R)Parker Griffith (D)
Robert Bentley (R)
 39D/65R 11D/23R
ARMike Beebe (D)Mike Ross (D)
Asa hutchinson (R)
AZJan Brewer (R)Fred DuVal (D)
Doug Ducey (R)
 24D/36R 13D/17R 
CAJerry Brown (D)Jerry Brown (D)
Neel Kashkari (R)
 55D/25R 26D/13R
1 vac.
COJohn Hickenlooper (D)John Hickenlooper (D)
Bob Beauprez (R)
 37D/28R 18D/17R 
CTDannel Malloy (D)Dannel Malloy (D)
Tom Foley (R)
 98D/53R 22D/14R 
DC () No Election0D/0RNo Election  
DEJack Markell (D)Next gubernatorial election 2016.No Election27D/14RNo Election13D/8RNo Election
FLRick Scott (R)Charlie Crist (D)
Rick Scott (R)
 45D/75R 14D/26R 
GANathan Deal (R)Jason Carter (D)
Nathan Deal (R)
HINeil Abercrombie (D)David Ige (D)
Duke Aiona (R)
No Election44D/7R 24D/1R 
IATerry Branstad (R)Jack Hatch (D)
Terry Branstad (R)
 47D/53R 26D/24R 
IDC.L. "Butch" Otter (R)A.J. Balukoff (D)
C.L. "Butch" Otter (R)
 13D/57R 6D/29R 
ILPat Quinn (D)Pat Quinn (D)
Bruce Rauner (R)
 71D/47R 40D/19R 
INMike Pence (R)Next gubernatorial election 2016.No Election31D/69R 13D/37R 
KSSam Brownback (R)Paul Davis (D)
Sam Brownback (R)
 32D/93R 8D/32RNo Election
KYSteven L. Beshear (D)Next gubernatorial election 2015.No Election54D/46R 14D/23R
LABobby Jindal (R)Next gubernatorial election 2015.No Election44D/59R
No Election14D/25RNo Election
MADeval Patrick (D)Martha Coakley (D)
Charles Baker (R)
 131D/29R 35D/4R
1 vac.
MDMartin O'Malley (D)Anthony Brown (D)
Larry Hogan (R)
 98D/43R 35D/12R 
MEPaul LePage (R)Mike Michaud (D)
Paul LePage (R)
MIRick Snyder (R)Mark Schauer (D)
Rick Snyder (R)
 51D/59R 12D/26R 
MNMark Dayton (D)Mark Dayton (D)
Jeff Johnson (R)
 73D/61R 39D/28R 
MOJay Nixon (D)Next gubernatorial election 2016.No Election53D/110R 9D/24R
1 vac.
MSPhil Bryant (R)Next gubernatorial election 2015.No Election57D/64R
No Election20D/32RNo Election
MTSteve Bullock (D)Next gubernatorial election 2016.No Election37D/63R 23D/27R 
NCPat McCrory (R)Next gubernatorial election 2016.No Election43D/77R 17D/33R 
NDJack Dalrymple (R)Next gubernatorial election 2016.No Election23D/71R 14D/33R 
NEDave Heineman (R)Chuck Hassebrook (D)
Pete Ricketts (R)
NHMaggie Hassan (D)Maggie Hassan (D)
Walt Havenstein (R)
1 vac.
NJChris Christie (R)Next gubernatorial election 2017.No Election46D/34RNo Election24D/16RNo Election
NMSusana Martinez (R)Gary King (D)
Susana Martinez (R)
 37D/33R 25D/17RNo Election
NVBrian Sandoval (R)Robert Goodman (D)
Brian Sandoval (R)
 27D/15R 11D/10R 
NYAndrew Cuomo (D)Andrew Cuomo (D)
Rob Astorino (R)
1I; 9 vac.
5 I; 2 vac.
OHJohn Kasich (R)Ed Fitzgerald (D)
John Kasich (R)
 39D/60R 10D/23R 
OKMary Fallin (R)Joe Dorman (D)
Mary Fallin (R)
 29D/72R 12D/36R 
ORJohn Kitzhaber (D)John Kitzhaber (D)
Dennis Richardson (R)
 34D/26R 16D/14R 
PATom Corbett (R)Tom Wolf (D)
Tom Corbett (R)
 92D/111R 23D/27R 
RILincoln Chafee (D)Gina Raimondo (D)
Allan Fung (R)
 69D/6R 32D/5R
SCNikki Haley (R)Vincent Sheehan (D)
Nikki Haley (R)
 48D/76R 17D/28R
1 vac.
No Election
SDDennis Daugaard (R)Susan Wismer (D)
Dennis Daugaard (R)
 17D/53R 7D/28R 
TNBill Haslam (R)Charlie Brown (D)
Bill Haslam (R)
TXRick Perry (R)Wendy Davis (D)
Greg Abbott (R)
 55D/95R 12D/19R 
USPresident Barack Obama (D)Next presidential election 2016.No Election234D/201R 52D/46R
UTGary Herbert (R)Next gubernatorial election 2016.No Election14D/61R 5D/24R 
VATerry McAuliffe (D)Next gubernatorial election 2017.No Election32D/68RNo Election19D/21RNo Election
VTPeter Shumlin (D)Peter Shumlin (D)
Scott Milne (R)
WAJay Inslee (D)Next gubernatorial election 2016.No Election54D/44R 26D/23R 
WIScott Walker (R)Mary Burke (D)
Scott Walker (R)
 39D/60R 15D/18R 
WVEarl Ray Tomblin (D)Next gubernatorial election 2016.No Election54D/46R 24D/10R 
WYMatt Mead (R)Pete Gosar (D)
Matt Mead (R)
 8D/52R 4D/26R 
Blue - Change to Democrat Party Control
Red - Change to Republican Party Control
Yellow - Change to Split Control

Ballot Measures:   Six states (Colorado, Maine, New Jersey, New York, Texas, and Washington) had policy questions on their ballots this year. Current hot-topic subjects include: tax reform measures, casino gaming, and mortgage reform.

Here are the questions of general interest to be decided, and you can click on the state to see a full list.