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Governors:  This year, governorships were decided in New Jersey and Virginia. Virginia Democrat Terry McAuliffe won the election to succeed Robert McDonnell (R) who was term-limited, whereas New Jersey incumbent Chris Christie (R) won re-election.

Legislatures:  Legislative elections were also held New Jersey (Assembly and Senate) and Virginia (House of Delegates only) this year.  In New Jersey, the Democratic Party retained control of both legislative chambers, though Republicans had a net gain of two House seats.  In the Virginia House, the Republicans retained control, though they gained two seats while the Democrats gained one seat.  Please refer to the chart to see the pre- and post-election partisan chamber splits.

IncumbentCandidatesElection WinnerPre-ElectionElection ResultsPre-ElectionElection Results
Blue - Change to Democrat Party Control
Red - Change to Republican Party Control
Yellow - Change to Split Control

Ballot Measures:   Six states (Colorado, Maine, New Jersey, New York, Texas, and Washington) had policy questions on their ballots this year. Current hot-topic subjects include: tax reform measures, casino gaming, and mortgage reform.

Here are the questions of general interest to be decided, and you can click on the state to see a full list.