Legislative Control 2014

Blue indicates states with a Democratic-controlled legislature
Red indicates states with a Republican-controlled legislature
Black indicates states with a split-control or non-partisan legislature
Italics indicates states in which the governor's office and both houses are controlled by the same party

State Governor House/Assembly Senate
AlabamaRep72 Reps/33 Dems26 Reps/8 Dems/1I
AlaskaInd23 Reps/16 Dems/1I14 Reps/6 Dems
ArizonaRep36 Reps/24 Dems17 Reps/13 Dems
ArkansasDem64 Reps/36 Dems24 Reps/11 Dems
CaliforniaDem52 Dems/28 Reps26 Dems/14 Reps
ColoradoDem33 Dems/32 Reps18 Reps/17 Dems
ConnecticutDem88 Dems/64 Reps21 Dems/15 Reps
DelawareDem25 Dems/18 Reps12 Dems/9 Reps
District of ColumbiaDem11 Dems/NA Reps/2 INA
FloridaRep78 Reps/38 Dems/4 vacancies26 Reps/14 Dems
GeorgiaRep119 Reps/60 Dems/1I38 Reps/18 Dems
GuamRepNA9 Dems/6 Reps
HawaiiDem43 Dems/8 Reps24 Dems/1 Reps
IdahoRep56 Reps/14 Dems28 Reps/7 Dems
IllinoisDem71 Dems/47 Reps40 Dems/19 Reps
IndianaRep71 Reps/29 Dems40 Reps/10 Dems
IowaRep57 Reps/43 Dems26 Dems/23 Reps/1 vacancy (12)
KansasRep98 Reps/27 Dems32 Reps/8 Dems
KentuckyDem54 Dems/46 Reps26 Reps/12 Dems
LouisianaRep59 Reps/44 Dems/2I26 Reps/13 Dems
MaineRep79 Dems/68 Reps/4I20 Reps/14 Dems/1 vacancy (25)
MarylandDem91 Dems/50 Reps33 Dems/14 Reps
MassachusettsDem131 Dems/29 Reps35 Dems/4 Reps/1 vacancy (5 Middlesex)
MichiganRep59 Reps/51 Dems26 Reps/12 Dems
MinnesotaDem72 Reps/62 Dems39 Dems/28 Reps
MississippiRep66 Reps/56 Dems32 Reps/20 Dems
MissouriDem118 Reps/45 Dems25 Reps/9 Dems
MontanaDem59 Reps/41 Dems29 Reps/21 Dems
NebraskaRepUnicameral/Nonpartisan49 (Non-partisan)
NevadaRep27 Reps/15 Dems11 Reps/10 Dems
New HampshireDem239 Reps/161 Dems14 Reps/10 Dems
New JerseyRep48 Dems/32 Reps24 Dems/16 Reps
New MexicoRep37 Reps/33 Dems25 Dems/17 Reps
New YorkDem100 Dems/40 Reps/1I; 9 vacancies (54,59,60, 77,79,98,113,134,143)29 Reps/27 Dems/5 (IDC); 2 vacancies (8,20)
North CarolinaRep74 Reps/46 Dems34 Reps/16 Dems
North DakotaRep71 Reps/23 Dems31 Reps/16 Dems
OhioRep60 Reps/39 Dems23 Reps/10 Dems
OklahomaRep72 Reps/29 Dems40 Reps/8 Dems
OregonDem35 Dems/25 Reps18 Dems/12 Reps
PennsylvaniaRep119 Reps/84 Dems30 Reps/20 Dems
Puerto RicoNA23 (NPP); 28 (PDP)8 (PNP); 18 (PPD)
Rhode IslandDem63 Dems/11 Reps/1I32 Dems/5 Reps/1I
South CarolinaRep77 Reps/46 Dems/1 vacancy (114)26 Reps/18 Dems
South DakotaRep57 Reps/11 Dems27 Reps/8 Dems
TennesseeRep73 Reps/26 Dems/2 vacancies27 Reps/6 Dems
TexasRep98 Reps/52 Dems20 Reps/11 Dems
United StatesDem234 Reps/201 Dems/3 vacancies52 Dems/46 Reps/2I
US Virgin IslandsDemNA10 Dems/NA Reps/3 (I); 2 Ind. Citizens Movement
UtahRep60 Reps/15 Dems25 Reps/4 Dems
VermontDem88 Dems/53 Reps/9I19 Dems/9 Reps/2I
VirginiaDem68 Reps/32 Dems21 Reps/19 Dems
WashingtonDem51 Dems/47 Reps25 Reps/24 Dems
West VirginiaDem64 Reps/36 Dems18 Reps/16 Dems
WisconsinRep61 Reps/36 Dems19 Reps/14 Dems
WyomingRep51 Reps/9 Dems26 Reps/4 Dems