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Illinois: Budget Special Session Announced
June 16, 2017

Governor Bruce Rauner (R) has called lawmakers to the Capitol on June 21 for a special session to finalize a state budget. A new spending plan is due by July 1, and this is the second year with no completely formalized spending plan. The governor warned that failure to pass a budget would have significant negative ramifications on the state’s finances, participation in national lotteries, and bond rating.

While Democratic legislative leaders indicated they will work to end the stalemate, the special session now assures that a three-fifths, rather than simple, majority will now be necessary to approve the budget, ensuring that House and Senate Republicans have a seat at the table. The GOP has produced a $36 billion spending plan that includes a school funding adjustment, a local property tax freeze, term limits for top state officials, and workers’ compensation reforms.

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