Issue Areas

We track any issue that you can think of, so just ask!

To get you started, we have identified some popular issue areas below with a short list of the most requested categories within them. Keep in mind that we can track any issue that you request.


Banking - ATMs, Escheat, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, and more

Campaign Reform - Lobbying, Political Contributions, Conflicts-of-Interest, Political Action Committees, and more

Civil Rights - LGBTQ Issues, Bullying, First Amendment, Hate Crimes, and more

Consumer Protection - Accessibility, Products Liability, Unfair Trade Practices, Antitrust, and more

Education - Healthy Eating, Special Education, Scholarships, Safety, and more

Energy - Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, Fuels, Hydraulic Fracturing, and more

Environmental - Climate Change, Emissions, Recycling, Toxic Substances, and more

Healthcare - Affordable Care Act, Provider Licensing, Medicaid, Telemedicine, and more

Insurance - Claims Practices, Agent Licensing, Public Programs, Product Rating, and more

Labor - Background Checks, Discrimination, Unions, Wages, Immigration, and more

Legal - Tort Reform, Legal Funding, Patents, Trusts, Record Retention, and more

Marketing - Telemarketing, Outdoor Advertising, Cause-Related Marketing, and more

Pharmaceutical - 340B Program, Pharmaceutical Assistance Programs, Formularies, Mail Order Pharmacy, Pain Management, Vaccines, and more

Privacy - Security Breach, Identity Theft, Phishing, Biometric Identifiers, GLBA, and more

Retail - Gift Cards, Return Policies, Warranties, Labels, RFID, Scanners, and more

Taxation - Corporate Tax, Sales and Use Tax, Tax Credits, Property Taxes, and more

Trade - Outsourcing, Buy America, Trade Secrets, Tariffs, and more

We welcome you to contact us to discuss your organization's specific issues.