Staying informed means getting a head start.

Whether you’re interested in following local issues for advocacy or compliance, LocalTrack is your solution for accurate and comprehensive local ordinance monitoring. StateScape’s client-driven approach allows you to choose which localities to monitor, and the subject areas to focus on. Our highly skilled analysts then identify and categorize local actions based on your specific policy interests so that you always remain at the front of the pack.


StateScape Can Monitor Any Locality in the U.S. and Canada


StateScape will monitor the localities of your choosing and notify you of newly-adopted ordinances that are relevant to your organization’s interests. Unlike most firms that make you wait until an ordinance has been signed by the mayor and posted to the localities MuniCode (a process that can sometimes take 6 months or more), StateScape is uniquely equipped to track the meeting minutes of each locality directly. This allows us to notify our clients of newly approved local ordinances as soon as they’ve been voted on, providing ample time to prepare for the compliance phase.


Agenda level service lets you monitor the ordinance process in each of your selected localities from proposal through adoption. Our experienced analysts review council agendas as soon as they’re published, and then send you an email notification letting you know of an upcoming meeting before it takes place. This allows for the earliest possible notice of local proceedings that are relevant to your subject interests.



Custom Group Notes

Add comments, analysis, tags, or other information to local data and share them with your team.

Personal Notes

Similar to Group Notes, but this function allows you to keep the information you add to a local proposal or ordinance private.

Email Alerts

Subscribe to alerts on individual local measures or whole subject categories, delivered straight to your inbox.

Email-It Tool

With the click of a button, send a pre-formatted email containing agendas, minutes, ordinances, and supporting document text.

Compliance Alerts

Receive email alerts for adopted ordinances only.

Searchable Meeting Dates

Prioritize your work by filtering reports based on upcoming meeting dates.

Local Document Links

Access direct hyperlinks to a localities agendas, minutes, ordinances, and supporting documents published on their official government website. Our analyst staff saves you time by providing the exact page number to reference within the document.

Customized Banner

Incorporate your organization’s logo within the StateScape tracking platform to give it a customized look for your staff, members, or clients.

Quick Links Tool

Easily save your customized reports to view later on, or share them with colleagues and clients.

Personal Lists

Flag your own subset of local proposals and ordinances contained within a report. This is especially useful for larger organizations with multiple users that have different areas of focus.



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