Over 25 years of experience and innovation sets us apart.


StateScape was founded in 1991 by a veteran of state and local government affairs, whose mission has been to develop the best possible tools to monitor legislative and regulatory information. Seizing on the emerging technology of the time, StateScape became the first state legislative and regulatory tracking service on the Internet, providing its clients with detailed research delivered through an easy-to-use online interface.

StateScape innovations that are now considered standard industry practice:

Customizable Group Notes that can be shared across an online platform.

E-mail alerts for legislative, regulatory, and local developments.

The ability to display report results in a heat map format.


As we enter our 30th year of operation, StateScape’s client-driven services continue to meet the needs of the fast-paced world of government relations. With so much legislative and regulatory content available online to the general public, the primary challenge in tracking has shifted from gaining access to the information, to efficiently managing its sheer volume. StateScape has adapted to this change by creating a tracking platform that enables clients to receive highly filtered legislative and regulatory information at lightning speeds.

StateScape will again break new ground by offering regulatory and legislative tracking coverage for Canadian provinces later this year. We remain the only firm to offer coverage of Guam and the Virgin Islands, and we were the first to offer both legislative and regulatory tracking in Puerto Rico.

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